Deal Closing Secrets » Overview

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Discover how to get small businesses begging you to help them with marketing without having to sell… Starting today! If you hate selling services to small businesses or get a big fat NO every time, this method will show you how to get more YES. Unless you’ve been under a rock these last few years,… Continue reading Deal Closing Secrets » Overview

WordPress Automation Secrets » Overview

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Announcing, a brand-new 8-part video course. Finally, discover how to free-up your valuable time and run your WordPress site on autopilot… Starting today! This 8-part video course is designed to show you exactly how you can free-up your time by quickly and easily automating tedious and boring tasks within your WordPress site! As you know,… Continue reading WordPress Automation Secrets » Overview

WordPress Website Security » Overview

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series WordPress Website Security

Finally, discover how to secure your WordPress site… Even if you know nothing about security. This specific training course was designed to help you understand how to secure and protect your valuable WordPress site. In a recent study done by Sucuri, around 90% of all the hacked content management systems that they investigated and helped… Continue reading WordPress Website Security » Overview

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