Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft: Java Edition

You can connect to our Minecraft: Java Edition server as follows.

  • Hostname: mc.jwds.ca Online
  • Port: 25565
  • Version: 1.18.1 (Paper) Requires v1.18.1+ of the Minecraft: JE client.
  • Game Mode: Survival
  • World Border: 30,000
  • Players: 0 / 68

Note: The server will automatically shutdown daily at 01:00 PT, restarting itself after about 30 seconds. The server will broadcast a 5 minute warning prior to the scheduled restart.

While the server is free to play, in-game items are available for purchase, if you’d like to supplement and/or advance your gameplay quicker. The purchases aren’t made from within the Minecraft client though, they’re made from our shop.

Upon completion of your order, items are delivered to the account you specified during the order process, on the game server within minutes. If you’re not connected to our game server when you submit the order, items will be delivered to you the next time that you connect to our game server with the associated account. Items won’t be delivered while you’re offline.

Items are, continually, being added to the shop. However, if there’s anything in particular that you’d like and you don’t see it for purchase, submit a ticket. We’ll see about getting it added for you.