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If you happened to miss the featured image for this post, I don’t particularly think much of crApple.

I’ve managed to never use any of their devices or services my whole life, until now, that is. While I’d gotten my daughter a MacBook Pro on my credit plan, I’ve neither owned nor used anything from them myself.

I received an e-mail from my cellular provider (TELUS) the other day for their Stream+ add-on. For $25 per month, you get access to Apple TV+, Discovery+, and Netflix Premium. I was already a subscriber to Netflix Premium for something like $21 per month and do like the stuff on Discovery.

I cancelled my direct subscription with Netflix and got Stream+ from TELUS. I didn’t care about Apple TV+, but now that I have it though, I guess I can no longer say I don’t use Apple services… 😱

What have I done‽ 😳


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