Anda Seat Kaiser-II Premium Gaming Chair

Thinking back, I’ve never spent more than $50 on a chair in my life. This is, most certainly, the first time I’ve ever spent enough on a chair that I financed its purchase.

I bought the Anda Seat Kaiser-II Premium Gaming Chair (model #AD12XL-02-AB-PV/C-A02), on 10 March 2022, from CANEX. I’d financed it through the CANEX no-interest credit plan for CF members.

FedEx delivered the package to my hold/pick-up location by the next day on 11 March 2022. It was shipped priority overnight. So, the shipping timeframe was good.

Just got the package home from FedEx.

Offhand, it weighed around about 75 lbs. While I hadn’t thought to measure the package, it was sizeable, nonetheless. I’d taken somebody with me to pick it up from FedEx. While not overtly heavy, it was awkward carrying it up the stairs of my building.

Upon opening the package, I found everything to be well packaged and protected for shipping. Putting this chair together was surprisingly simple. I found the instructions to be more than clear enough. Offhand, I’d say it took me 30 minutes to assemble everything.

Everything required (i.e. wrench) for assembly was included. With that said, the wrench is nothing special. It gets the job done, but if you have a toolkit of your own, you may find a proper wrench to be more comfortable to work with.

Messy work area aside, I do like the aesthetics of this chair.

Aesthetically, it looks like a gaming chair, but bigger. This thing is a monster. While I think it may come in all black as well, I do like the black and maroon design of the model that I’d ordered.

Anda Seat guidelines recommend that you be 5’9″–6’9″ (maximum of 7’1″) in height and over 176 lbs (maximum of 441 lbs) in weight. Personally, I’m 5’9″ and approximately 224 lbs. With the gas cylinder at its lowest, my bare feet are comfortably on the ground, and I find it to be just the right height for me. As recommended by Anda Seat themselves, I’d likely not suggest this beast of a chair if you’re shorter than me.

This chair is built like a tank, having a steel frame, but is luxurious and quite comfortable at the same time. It’s certainly not built for people with small frames… It’s an extra-large size chair. While I’ve gained ~20 lbs during this COVID-19 pandemic that I could stand to lose, as I’ve been more sedentary than usual, even at my normal 205 lbs muscular build this chair will be Heaven for my arse and my back.

While I’ve only had this chair for about a week now, I’ve already noticed the significant difference it has made. My back and my neck aren’t sore, as they usually are, after having been seated for any length of time.

Prior to getting this chair, I was just using a cheap ass folding chair that offered absolutely no support whatsoever. It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

The old folding chair that got replaced by the Anda Seat.

I, constantly, found myself cracking/stretching both my back and my neck. Over the last week, I’ve not felt the desire to do so near as often, not at all.

Extra large size chair that can hold more than 441 lbs. Kaiser gaming chair is equipped with large lumbar support and 4D armrests. The comfort is way beyond your imagination. This chair is not limited to the gaming world, it’s a comfortable chair for office too. When a chair is this good, it needs to be utilized in all professions.

Anda Seat

I’d tend to agree with that sentiment. The support provided by the adjustable lumbar pillow and neck pillow are good. The chair is solidly built and is quite comfortable, even for extended periods.

The chair does recline, up to 160° if I’m not mistaken. I’ve not tried this functionality yet though. I want to get myself a new footrest before I do. However, with the extremely solid base of this chair, I don’t foresee any issues with stability while it’s reclined. Once I get a new footrest, I’ll use a reclined position to watch movies and such on the big screen.

Overall, I find this to be a well-built chair. I like the wheels on it also, they’re coated and shouldn’t destroy your wood floor if you have one. Although they don’t seem to be eating my carpet either, I may still get a mat just in case, but it should be fine without one though. Over the last week, my arse/back/neck have all been thanking me for the much needed and long overdue seating upgrade.

I was apprehensive going into this and wasn’t sure if this was a worthwhile investment or not, as it’s clearly a higher-end priced product. But I find it to be well worth the cost though. After having ‘sat’ with it for a little while now, I’m happy with my decision to buy this chair.


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