Unfriending Facebook

I’ve made the decision to quit Facebook. Could this be the best decision for my online life‽ While this remains to be seen, I shall find out.

I’m leaving Facebook for assorted reasons… I noticed others on my Facebook friends list silently, without any notice, deactivating or deleting their accounts. Facebook likes to delete a lot of what I tend to post there and ban/warn me for it, as I have a dark sense of humour. Facebook can be a toxic environment at times.

I don’t really have much interaction with people there anyhow. Facebook isn’t much more than a waste of time for me. Privacy issues though, oddly enough, are the least of my reasons for leaving the platform.

If people genuinely want to communicate with me, I have a cell phone (my number hasn’t changed for some years now) and laptop. I’m still constantly online and reachable for those who want to communicate with me.

As of writing this, I’ve yet to delete my Facebook account. Around about 4½ hours ago, I submitted a request for Facebook to package-up all my data for the entirety of my account’s lifetime (2007–2022) for download. Once it’s ready-for-download, and I’ve successfully downloaded it, I’ll proceed with the permanent deletion of my account.

Honestly, I’m curious to see what ‘friends’ remain in my life without Facebook. As I’ve already mentioned, very few of my ‘Facebook friends’ interact with me as-it-is. Given that, I have no doubt that I’ll be losing a vast number of them from my life completely. I suppose though, I’m trading quantity for quality.

There are still calls, Duo, e-mail, in-person, text messages, etc. I’ll find-out soon enough who cares enough to reach-out when they see I’m no longer on Facebook. That, in and of itself, is somewhat of a win for me… Is the losing of faux friends even a loss at all?

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say being on Facebook was mind-fucking me as a lot of people may say it does to them, as it wasn’t, I will say with absolute certainty that being there wasn’t making me happy in any way whatsoever. In the end, do I think that I’ll miss Facebook? No, not in the least.


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