Replacement Power Supply for Acer Predator Helios 300

I only bought this laptop back in September/October of 2021. So, I’ve not had it for exceptionally long. It was bought brand-new from retail. In the short timeframe that I’ve had possession of it, I’ve had to send it in to Acer’s repair centre twice already for the same recurring power problems.

After getting it back from their repair centre — for the second time — recently, they’d not even bothered to look at my melted power supply let alone replace it. So, they replaced the mainboard again — for the second time now — and sent it back to me with the original melted power supply. I’m supposed to use that old fucked-up/melted power supply with the newly repaired laptop again‽ That’s a great idea.

Calling-in to Acer again after receiving my laptop back this last time, I was referred to their corporate service given the on-going issues I’ve been having, both with the system itself and with their repair services. The person I was referred to overnighted me a replacement power supply.

It arrived in Mississauga, Ontario from Texas, USA on 13 January 2022 and FedEx showed delivery to me was scheduled for 14 January 2022. However, it wasn’t delivered until today. The delivery delays weren’t Acer’s fault though, FedEx kept it in Mississauga until last night before delivering it today.

Anyhow, the picture below is of the power supply that I’d received along with its power cable.

C14 inlet on the power supply. C5 connector on the power cable.

Can you spot a problem in the photo above‽ While the power supply has a C14 inlet, which would require a C13 connector on the power cable, Acer sent me a power cable with a C5 connector on it.

The power supply itself is a different brand than the one that originally came with my laptop. However, checking its specifications, the tip is the same polarity and the input/output voltages are the same. So, that’s all right. However, the mismatched connector of the power cable that’s used to connect the power supply to the wall mains is a glaringly obvious problem though.

Acer’s, figuratively, had possession of my laptop more than I have since I’ve bought it. I’ve spent upward of $5,000 CAD on this system for both personal and professional/work use. These problems are starting to get a little ridiculous. I can’t continue to be without a functional system. I’m hemorrhaging money whenever the laptop’s not functional due to hardware problems that I have no control over. CoViD-19 alone is more than enough cause to be losing money. I don’t need to be losing additional income because of this as well.

My contact at Acer’s corporate service is off this week. So, I can’t contact her directly. However, she did give me another toll-free number to call if I had further issues while she was away though. I tried calling today, but it’s an American holiday. So, I’ll try back tomorrow.

Acer’s going to have to send me a new power cable that properly mates with the power supply. In addition to the cabling having the wrong connector, it was also roughly ½ the length of the original cable. I can’t go without my computer for any longer though.

I had no choice today, other than to use the cable from the old power supply with the new one. I need use of my computer. Hopefully, whatever the problem with the original power supply, it wasn’t in this section of cabling.


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