Facebook Messenger Tests a New Split Payments Feature

Facebook Messenger - Split Payment

Facebook Messenger today announced that it is testing a new feature called “Split payments” that allows users to share expenses and bills through the app. According to the company, the new feature allows users to manage their finances via Messenger in a “free and quick” manner. U.S. users will soon be able to access the new feature.

Split Payments can be used by clicking on the “Get started” button in a group chat, or in Messenger’s Payments Hub. You can then split the bill equally or change the contribution amount for each person in the group chat. You can also enter a personal message. Finally, you’ll be asked for your Facebook Pay details. After that, your request will be sent out and can be viewed in your group chat.

The company stated in a blog post that the new feature will make it easier to divide up and get paid for group dinners, household expenses, or monthly rent.

Split Payments was launched after Messenger introduced Venmo-like QR codes to allow person-to-person payments several months ago. These codes were launched in the U.S., and anyone can send or request money via Facebook Pay. This feature is accessible under the “Facebook Pay” section of Messenger’s settings.

Facebook Pay was launched in November 2019 as a way of establishing a payment system that can be used across all the company’s apps. It allows for person-to-person and donation payments.

Split Payments was launched alongside several Messenger updates including four new group AR effects created with Emma Chamberlain and Zach King, Bella Poarch, King Bach, and Bella Poarch. It also announced two new “Stranger Things” Soudmojis. These emojis play a sound when they are sent within Messenger and have a new chat theme. Messenger recently released a Taylor Swift Soudmoji in celebration of the release “Red.”


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