Minecraft: Java Edition Server Online

Minecraft: Java Edition

We now have a Minecraft: Java Edition server online.

It’s freely available to connect to and play on. However, should you so desire, you can purchase in-game items from our shop. Items are delivered in-game, within minutes when you’re connected to the game server, to whatever account is provided during checkout. We’re, continually, adding new in-game items to the shop. If there’s a particular item(s) that you want though, and don’t see in the shop, submit a ticket… We’ll see about getting it added for you.

The server will automatically shutdown daily at 01:00 PT. Once shutdown, it will restart itself after about 30 seconds. The server will broadcast a 5 minute warning prior to the scheduled restart.

As with all of our Web-accessible properties, this server is accelerated/protected by and proxied through Cloudflare. In addition, we’re also making use of TCPShield, benefiting from the features of both TCPShield and Cloudflare Spectrum. Aside from buying in-game items, donations can be made on a one-time or recurring basis as well, to help offset some of the associated costs.

If there are any mods, plugins, resource packs, etc. that you’d like to suggest to us for the server, feel free to submit a ticket. While there’s no guarantee we’ll make the change(s), it will be taken into consideration.


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