Open Letter to Melisa Bjerknes

You’re a real fucking piece of shit, at times, Mel. You tell me, and your own children alike, that you love me, that you need me, that you want me, that you want to marry me, that you need us (your family), etc. But, yet, you continue to do the fucking shit that you do — abuse, cheating, drugs, fucking-around, lying, manipulation, etc. — never fucking changing.

What kind of a person says those things to us, all the while fucking around with the same fucking guys, again-and-again‽ How can you love me, cheat on me, and treat me the way that you do — again-and-fucking-again‽

You tell us that you want for us (me and the kids) to get a place together. Yes, that’s great and all, but this is all while you’re fucking around on me with other guys… Are you a voluntary prostitute, a slut, and/or a whore‽

What was it you’d said, recently, “Oh, I’m just waiting for it to blow over with James. We both know he’ll give-in to me again.”‽ You’re a manipulative and selfish fucking bitch, Mel.

You do what you want, whenever the fuck you want, regardless of how it affects us (your family). You don’t give a single fuck about anybody but yourself, Mel. You’ve demonstrated how fucking little that you care about us (your family).

You’d cheat and say that it was none of my business. I’d take your sorry-ass back time-and-again, and you’d insist that you should be able to hang out with the guys you’d cheated/fucked-around on me with, they’re your friends. You’d cheat again, and when caught, you’d go into gas-lighting mode.

WTF‘s wrong with you, Mel‽ Of course, it’s my fucking business, I was your fiancé. You’d proposed to me… You’d tell your kids how much you love me and want to marry me… How much you want us to be a family.

I’d promised you that I’d not give up on you, but that was with certain caveats though… It wasn’t a free pass, for you to do whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want, with no consequences.

The cheating, fucking-around, lying, etc. aren’t a result of some mysterious mental issue… Those are choices you make while fully conscious of your actions. You don’t, accidentally, fall onto some other guys dick. You don’t, accidentally, message other guys while laying in bed beside me. You don’t, accidentally, walk out of here to go be with other guy(s) and expect to return as if nothing happened, again-and-again.

WTFever, Mel… You’ve made it absolutely clear that drugs and other guys are more important to you than us (your family). Enough is fucking enough already, Mel. I’m past done with your fucking BS. I’m so past done with you telling me how much you love me while cheating on me and fucking with other guys. I’m so past done with your abuse (physical and otherwise).

You think we don’t know why you really left the last time you were here? You think we don’t know where you went? You think we don’t know who you’ve been with? WTFever, Mel — you’ve made your choice, again — and it wasn’t us (your family), again.

Have a nice fucking life with the drugs and the shitbag junkies. When this quarantine shit’s done, I’ll have to get myself tested thanks to you.

And, as for your ‘relationship’ with Brad — Pastor Babe — the handsome old guy‽ We (your family) are all beyond fucking disgusted by it.

When you were last here, you’d asked me to promise that I’d take care of the girls. A child doesn’t have to be biologically yours for you to love them like your own… I intend to do just that, Mel. I fully intend to keep that promise… I do love those girls, as if they were my own, and I’ll not abandon them — regardless of how much of a piece of shit you are with me.

You need to stop using Courtney as your personal ABM for drug-money. She’s your child — your daughter. You should be helping her, not bleeding her dry to buy fucking Speed. And April, the only time that you really talk to her, is to tell her to tell Courtney that you’re waiting on money. Like, WTF Mel, really‽

I had to force you to talk to Courtney when you were here last. If she didn’t have money for you, you didn’t want to talk to her. You’d wanted nothing to do with her, because you were mad at her for not having money for you, and you didn’t want anything to do with her. Hell, you’d wished she didn’t even know that you were here… So that she’d not know that she could call/contact you.

I remember multiple times, over the last year, when you’d told me the kids were “cramping your style” (i.e. interfering with your getting fucking high and shit). Those girls deserve so much better from you!

I’ve given you everything that I have and everything that I am. But, you’ve completely drained me — emotionally, financially, etc.

Sadly, we’ve reached the point where we need to accept the fact that you don’t want to change nor will you. It’s about time that I say my final goodbye, Mel. I do genuinely love you, but enough is enough already… You’ve hurt me more than any one person ever has.

You keep on living your life, with the drugs, and fucking around with the junkies… Continue being an attention-seeking whore… Continue putting the dope and them ahead of us (your family).

And, as for us, life will go on… with or without you. Courtney’s an amazing young woman. Thankfully, she’s nothing like you and is a good role model for April.

Drugs don’t love you. Drug dealers don’t love you. The lifestyle doesn’t love you. But, all of it will take you away from the people that do.

Drugs and love don’t mix… You either drop the drugs for what you love, or you lose what you love for drugs. There’s no in-between.

Sadly, there’s no helping someone that doesn’t want to help themselves… You could’ve had the life that you told us (your family) you wanted with us. But I’ve lost count, how many times now, that you’ve tossed us (your family) aside like yesterday’s trash.


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  1. The one thing I want most in this world is my mom back. I would like my mom, not a woman that doesn’t care about anybody but herself. You never truly cared about April and I, Ive read so many court papers, been told stuff the more I get older. I know the truth about EVERYTHING from montrose, orange grove, to coniston, to now.

    You don’t want to talk to me or check in on me, or even keep a god damn promise unless it’s for my money. I’ve lost so much time and energy trying to help you, I know you’ve been on phones multiple times but have zero decency to check in on your daughters.

    I do love you, but I’m over it mom. You do you. Complain all you want. Keep lying. Keep doing drugs. You have always just wanted to do you. You are strong enough to get off the drugs, you can have a good life, but no you have and will always be the biggest attention seeker.

    You keep making the same mistakes over and over again mom and you know it..stop using your mental health, or the fact you are aboriginal because guess what I have mental health problems and I’m aboriginal too and I’m turning out just fine! It is the drugs and I know keep down you know it. You’re using all the other stuff to cover up the fact that you are still on drugs and crap.

    I’ve wasted so much of my life dealing with this, raising my sister, I’ve never had a stable home, a lot of a food, or a mother that actually cared about me. Well then I’ll just give myself a stable home, I will raise my sister to be a strong drug and alcohol free independent women and have children of my own and be nothing like you. I’d never do to my kids what you are doing.

    Yes this is gonna make you upset, freak out on me. Cool, everything rude nasty thing you say to me now I brush off with a grain of salt. I’m not an ATM for your drugs, I am your daughter.

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